Collected together here are shortcuts to websites that will be of use and interest to those seeking Kenilworth History.

Please contact me for suggestions of useful additions to the list.


Local History Societies:

Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society, newly re-launched (November 2015) and including Kenilworth history articles from their archives:                                                                             

Kenilworth Civic Society:                                                                                         

Kenilworth Family History Society:                                               


Kenilworth Historians and their websites:

Graham Gould, prolific Kenilworth Historian, notably his ‘Kenilworth in Camera’ published series, but much more not published commercially:                                                    

Kenilworth War Memorial, recording over two hundred Kenilworth family names of Kenilworth’s fallen:                                                                                                                        


Kenilworth research sources:

Kenilworth Library, has hundreds of Kenilworth books, local newspapers back to 1869, Directories, Census returns and maps:                                                          

Warwickshire County Records Office:                     

Our Warwickshire, link to the Kenilworth articles:

Windows on Warwickshire, link to search page for Kenilworth photographs:  

Kenilworth search results on ‘Geograph’, over 1900 captioned photographs:   


Kenilworth History on-line:

Kenilworth history on the Town Council Website:                                         

Kenilworth history on Wikipedia:                                                                        

Kenilworth Castle history on Wikipedia:                                                                            

St Mary’s Abbey history on Wikipedia:                                    ,_Kenilworth

The railway & station, includes photographs & details from Rails to Kenilworth & Milverton:                                                             

Nummerous Kenilworth articles, including extracts from A Portrait of Kenilworth in Street-Names and other contributions from this author:


Clubs, Institutions, etc, histories:

Priory Theatre:                                                                                          

Kenilworth Cricket Club:                                                                                                  

Kenilworth Rugby Club:                                       

Kenilworth Golf Club:                                            


Kenilworth Church histories:

St Nicholas

St Barnabas

St Johns   

Kenilworth Methodist Church

St Augustines   &   St Francis of Assisi