As a reference to further reading, articles I have contributed to publications over the years include the following...



...for the Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society annual report 'Kenilworth History', and the year of publication :


A Station for Kenilworth,     1992

The Tale of the Two Virgins and a man who was Able,     2002-2003

The Engine, the Wyandotte and Four Boddingtons,     2003-2004

Kenilworth's Sporting Victorians,     2004-2005

On the trail of the Trepplins,     2005-2006

Kenilworth Chemicals,     2006-2007

The 1913 Kenilworth Typhoid Outbreak,     2013

A Pound of History,     2015

William and Gertrude Evans, Saviours of the Abbey Fields,      2017  

August Schneider: Kenilworth's Great War German,      2019

Outdoor Swimming in the Abbey Fields     2019


...for the Odibourne Press, Kenilworth's Past, 1993 :

Leather to Metal, the story of Stickley's scrapyard and its influence on Kenilworth's post-war industrial development.


...for the Kenilworth Weekly News :

Victorian Fire Brigade,   28th April 2006

Edwardian Fire Brigade,    26th May, 2006

A century of the clocktower,   26th January, 2007

Convalescent Home Football Trophy (wrongly credited to another),    17th August 2007

Kenilworth Victorias football team 1898,    14th September 2007

Industrial Past of Millar Court,    28th September 2007

Locomotives named Kenilworth,   5th October 2007

Town Centre Supermarkets,    12th October 2007

How the Virgins & Castle got its name,    19th October 2007

Kenilworth's brickworks,    26th October 2007

The Kings Arms,    2nd November 2007

11 & 13 The Square,    16th November 2007

The making and naming of Southbank Road,    30th November 2007

The end for Arden Products,    7th December 2007

Mill End Industry,    14th December 2007

Warwickshire Police HQ (now the Legion Club)    4th January 2008

Origins of Kenilworth Carnival,    6th June 2008

Kenilworth's first Olympians,    13th March 2009

Photograph of 'Sir Nigel Gresley' passing through Kenilworth,   12th June 2009

Railway Protests, 1840 & 2010,    4th June 2010

George Potter, how Albion Street carpenter became the first TUC President,     3rd September 2010

Raleigh's Potato Patch at Little Virginia,    6th October 2010

Sir Walter Scott's stay at The Kings Arms,    5th November 2010

The day Kenilworth was bombed, pull-out feature,    19th November 2010

Kenilworth-built ABF car,    11th February 2011

Origin and Early Days of the Working Men's Club,    1st April 2011 (its centenary)

Gruesome discovery at 'The Woodlands',    6th May 2011

Iconic Kenilworth Station photograph investigated,    20th May 2011

Early Days of The Gauntlet,    24th June 2011

Failed 1970s road scheme for New Street area,    29th July 2011

The building of Thickthorn Roundabout,    12th August 2011

Town Centre regneration in the 1960s,    19th August 2011

1970s Sceme for a car-free town centre,    26th August 2011

Forty years since 'The Alex' closed,    23rd September 2011

The Stoneleigh Avenue pre-fabs,    7th October 2011

Hillcrest,    21st October 2011

British Legion and the 1947 carnival,    28th October 2011

St Johns Vicarage,    9th November 2011

The Towers,    18th November 2011

Abbey Fields Car Park,    25th November 2011

KUDC Public Convenience artefact,    13th January 2012

Wilton House,    27th January 2012

Trespassing dogs could be shot, 1976 (it was a current topic), uncredited,   24th February 2012

The day Anthony Eden crowned Kenilworth's Carnival Queen,    6th April 2012

19th Century jubilee celebrations,    27th April 2012

Kenilworth's Queen Victoria Jubilees,    25th May 2012

Abbey Stonework sent to Kenilworth, New Jersey in 1934,    27th July 2012

Centenary of Town's first Cinema,    3rd August 2012

Then and Now, Castle Green Cottages,    28th September 2012

Then and Now, Warwick Road,    12th October 2012

Then and Now, Albion Street,    9th November 2012

Then and Now, The Vaults in Station Road,    11th January 2013

Then and Now, Eykyn's Garage Warwick Road,    15th February 2013

How many Carnivals have there been?    19th July 2013

St John's School Bell,      (Date unknown, but 2013)    

The end for Historic railway Bridges?    (date not known, probably early 2013)

Demolition of Historic Building for the Station Site     (May 2015)


...and others to be listed


 ...for the Charmouth Local History Society, 'The Village Echo', 2017:

Gertrude Evans, 1874 - 1966