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'Kenilworth and the Two World Wars'

At Kenilworth library, 7.00 p.m., fittingly on 20th November 2018 - it was the night of 20th November 1940 that the landmine fell at Abbey End. 

Entrance will be free but by ticket only; tickets now available at the Library.

"Thank you very much for once again delivering such an interesting and extremely well illustrated talk at Kenilworth Library on Tuesday evening.   Your talks at the library are always very popular and I was delighted that we had a large turnout of 49 people. I do hope you are able to do more talks for the library service in the future and I look forward to your next one."

Linda Young, Library and Information Advisor, Kenilworth Library


'The Complete History of the Abbey Fields' to be performed for the last time on Friday 14th September 2018 for the Kenilworth Civic Society as part of the Heritage Weekends event.

7.30, at the Senior Citizens Club, Abbey End, Non-members welcome.


'The Complete History of the Abbey Fields'

Was repeated at Kenilworth Library, Tuesday 13th March 2018, 7.00 pm


Kenilworth Library, Tuesday 7th November 2017, 7.00 pm

'The Complete History of the Abbey Fields'

"Thank you very much for what was once again an extremely interesting talk which you delivered at the library on Tuesday evening.

I was delighted with the attendance.  Despite the bad weather we had 51 people come along to hear you talk.  You had so many illustrations and it was fascinating to learn about the history of the Abbey Fields and the people involved.

I hope we will have the opportunity to have further talks in the future."

(Linda Young,  Library and Information Advisor, Kenilworth Library)

Kenilworth History Society, Monday 9th October 2017

 'The Complete History of the Abbey Fields'

 "On behalf of Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society I would like to record our thanks for the superb talk you gave us yesterday evening.  As you will have gathered, it was very well received and very much appreciated.  Every time you speak to KHAS turns out to be a 'first' in one respect or another:  last time you were our very first speaker at the SCC, and yesterday, as well as it being the first presentation of your Abbey Felds talk, it was the first time we have had so many people (86) attending one of our meetings.  

In addition to Norman's tribute to the quality of your research, I was aware of other people beforehand making the same observation, and who were wondering how you were going to condense so much into a one-hour talk (which you did brilliantly). 

Thank you again for all the effort you put in to preparing your presentation and providing us with a very enjoyable evening."

(From Geoff Whiteman, Secretary Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society)


 For the Kenilworth Civic Society but open to all, 

Friday 8th September 2017, at 7.30

In conjunction with 'Heritage Open Days'; Old Folks Centre, Abbey End

'Kenilworth and the Two World Wars'

"Just to say a massive thank you for the talk that you kindly gave for us last Friday; as I said yesterday, it was the best one yet! So much went into it, such detail, and so much effort in to the co-ordination of the words with the pictures, which were great as well, a lot unseen by most of us. That with the the special effects, well just brilliant!" 

(Patricia Cain, Kenilworth Civic Society)


Amongst others, I have given successful talks to the Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society (on 6 occasions), the Kenilworth Society (5 times), the Kenilworth Methodist church (twice), St Johns church,  and the Coventry Model Engineering Society; also at Kenilworth Library on behalf of Warwick District Council (3 times). I have also taken part in local author events at both Kenilworth and Warwick libraries.

The subjects covered are many and varied. Although not restricted to the Victorian years, there is a bias towards that era. The content is continually changed and updated and so no two talks are the same, although the history of Kenilworth's Railway line has been presented by request on three occasions.

I should add that these are not slide shows but 'lectures' with full commentary.

Subjects include -

Traditional industries such as the tannery and brickworks.

The history of the Abbey Fields

Kenilworth and The Two World wars

Various individuals

The railway and station

Kenilworth Carnival

The Convalescent Home Challenge Cup - Kenilworth’s own 100-year-old football trophy

The original Working Men’s club dating from the 1870s

Modern industrial estate development

The Warwickshire Constabulary Headquarters in Albion Street

Kenilworth’s large houses such as Moorlands, Thickthorn and Rouncil Towers

History of some Kenilworth’s pubs including the Kings Arms, Wyandotte, Virgins & Castle

The Fire Brigade

Kenilworth’s first newspaper, the Kenilworth Advertiser

Specific buildings in the town centre

Housing development up to WW2

Kenilworth fellmongers and the Street family

Etc., etc.



"Just to say your talk 'Kenilworth Houses and Housing' was really interesting; all the members and friends were impressed!

I must say it's a real joy to listen to you, you have such enthusiasm; many, many thanks from all at the Kenilworth Society".

(Patricia Cain, Chairman of the Kenilworth Society following my talk in March 2014)

"Thank you so much for your absolutely excellent talk to the Kenilworth Society.
As you say the railways were crucial to the development of nineteenth and early twentieth century Kenilworth, and it is wonderful that you have researched and documented their history so thoroughly."

(Joanna Illingworth, Chairman of the Kenilworth Society. 11th April 2012, following my talk 'Kenilworth's Railways') 


"Thank you for giving us such a fascinating talk on Victorian Kenilworth, you brought the era to life and encouraged us to value what is left from that important era of our town's history."

(Joanna Illingworth, Chairman of the Kenilworth Society. Following my talk 'Aspects of Victorian Kenilworth')


"Thank you very much for giving such an interesting and informative talk at the library on Tuesday evening. The evening was very successful and I was delighted so many people came along. I am sure they all found it as enjoyable as I did."

(Linda Young, Information Librarian, Kenilworth Library. Following my talk, 'Aspects of Kenilworth')


"On behalf of the Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society I would like to record our thanks for the excellent talk you gave us yesterday evening. As always, the depth and breadth of your research, combined with your obvious knowledge and enthusiasm, made a very memorable occasion. Thank you also for the presentation and 'preview' itself: the film extract in particular was a highlight for many and I hope that people's enjoyment of the talk was reflected in sales of your book. Muswell Hill's loss is very much Kenilworth's gain!"

(Geoff Whiteman, Secretary of the KH&AS, following my talk 'Aspects of Kenilworth's Past', November 2013)


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Although not a Presentation as such, I am also involved with a Kenilworth in the Great War walk around the town. Please see 'The Great War Project' on the main menu.