It is my pleasure to act as promoter for Geoff Hilton, who has recently left Kenilworth, and his new book

"The Deeds of Henry V, as told by John Strecche"

94 A5 pages with illustrations, fully referenced.


It publishes for the first time the full translation of Canon of Kenilworth John Strecche's writings of the life of Henry V, whom he met, the only full account of the monarch's life by a contemporary.

The second part of the book draws upon past research, and newly discovered sources, to discuss Strecche's life and writings, and his position amongst his contemporaries.

Available at 'Kenilworth Books', or directly from the author for £7.50 inclusive of postage

32 Poppy Court, 339 Jockey Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5XF